Staff Bios

Tom Noteboom

President of Pro Business Enterprise, Inc. (Pro Business Enterprise, Inc. creates synergies between Pro Business Coaches and sister company VITAL Financial Services, LLC.)
Tom is among the Midwest’s premier business builders and solution providers. By this he leads teams of business specialists and supports Lenders who are clients of VITAL Financial Services. He provides management assistance to borrowers which help them to become better Borrowers for their Midwest area Lenders. Tom has more than two decades of experience in:

  1. Financial diagnostics of business performance
  2. Identifying macro and micro performance opportunities
  3. Locking in operational improvements
  4. Optimizing the human asset as well as hard asset improvement
  5. Building business owner capacity for success.

Tom has been instrumental in the success, turnaround and growth of many businesses that have then become profitable and secure for themselves and for their Lender.  With VITAL and Pro Business Coaches Tom gives a 360-degree approach to the loan process which helps Lenders succeed to help their Borrower to succeed. Healthy Borrowers make for Profitable Lending.

Michael Slater

President of VITAL Financial Services
Established VITAL Financial Services, Inc with business partner Tom Noteboom as a resource for banks and Borrowers to help analyze troubled companies, bring resources together to improve performance and restructure loans, allowing companies to either find a new Lender or become better banking clients.

Larry Reding
Ag Lending Strategist, Accredited VITAL Analyst

Larry is an Agriculture Lending Strategy Consultant serving with
VITAL Financial Services, LLC, in:

  • Agriculture Business Risk Mitigation
  • Value-Added Ag Lending Strategy Services

Larry is an Agriculture Lending Strategy Consultant serving with VITAL Financial Services. Larry’s work primarily focuses on risk mitigation in ag business and providing ag lending strategy services. Larry brings decades of lending, consulting and merger acquisition experience to the VITAL team. In addition, he is an experienced expert witness in financial and creditor litigation and has provided consulting services to agribusinesses such as feed suppliers, poultry operations and farm managers. Larry’s extensive capability offers lenders the opportunity to place an expert alongside borrowers in the agriculture industry to help manage cash, structure financing, make corrections in management and operations, and much more.