History of Pro Business Coaches

Established in November of 2005, to be the “Preferred Provider of Best in Class Business Building Methods” PBC became involved with businesses that depended on borrowings for survival and success. By September, 2006, PBC had developed and adopted unique tools and methods designed to provide even a Predictive Analysis of a Borrower’s business health.

In 2007 PBC recognized that for the sake of a Borrower’s and Lender’s relationship it was critical for transparency to exist between them. So much so that by January of 2008, new policies were adopted that formalized the transparency and special reports to the Lender were created and standardized. At the time P|C had a tagline which stated “Headlights and Guardrails for Your Business.” However when one Lender referred Borrower did not share, with his Lender, critical Balance Sheet data PBC modified its contract and non-disclosure documents. This was to ensure that if a Lender referred Borrower’s loan health is in question PBC may legally alert the Lender at the earliest possible time.

Lenders became the primary client when they referred a Borrower.

In August of 2009 PBC became a “sister” company to Business Loan Services by partnering to form a separate company called VITAL Financial Services. This formalized the ongoing relationship where Business Loan Services, a Government Guaranteed Lending Service Provider, used PBC to ensure Borrower health on loans when Lenders want to mitigate default risks associated with the lending process.

Today the Des Moines, IA, location is joined by consultants and coaches in Davenport, Mason City, and Sioux City, IA, which carry on Lender support to Borrowers. Each consultant is provided training on Government Guaranteed Lending and credit reporting processes to reduce the Lender’s workload and provide much needed help for loan credit management.

Pro Business Coaches daily lives out an important truth: “Healthy Borrowers Make for Profitable Lending.”